Tsubaki no Sato つばきのさと

The star here is "Tsubaki Champon," featuring tsubaki oil, a special product of Sakurajima

The famous dish, "Tsubaki Champon," features tsubaki oil produced on Sakurajima. The satisfaction in eating these noodles also derives from the mounds of vegetables and seafood toppings. Not to be overlooked is the bowl crafted to resemble a volcano. This eatery is located right next to the popular Kurokami Buried Shrine Gate, so you should certainly make this a stop on your island tour.


Basic Information

Address 891-1401 鹿児島県鹿児島市黒神町670-37
Address(English) 670-37 Kurokami-cho,Kagoshima City
Access ・30 minutes' drive from Sakurajima Ferry Terminal, Sakurajima Port
・1 minute walk from Kurokami Chugakkomae Bus Stop
Car Park Yes
Open From 11:00 to sunset
Closures Tuesday
Telephone Number 090-4484-0849
Language (Staff)Translator device
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