Shiroyama Observatory しろやま(しろやまてんぼうだい・しろやましぜんゆうほどう)

Great spot for viewing Sakurajima and the site of the last fierce battle of samurai warriors.

The Shiroyama Observatory is popular as it commands a splendid view : the beautiful volcano Sakurajima in Kinko bay and the city of Kagoshima. Spectacular view at night time is also famous. 
Since a fierce battle occurred here in 1877 during the Satsuma Rebellion, the last war involving samurai warriors, there are many historical sites around the observatory. 
The 2-km long Shiroyama Natural Trail is ideal for a stroll as the trail passes through rich natural surroundings with more than 600 species of wild temperate and subtropical trees and plants such as a large 400-year old camphor tree, ferns and sweet viburnums. 


Basic Information

Address 892-0853 鹿児島県鹿児島市城山町
Access Get off at Shiroyama on the Kagoshima City View line
Car Park Passenger cars: yes; buses: yes


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