Zabon Ramen Yojiro Shop ざぼんらーめん よじろうてん

Kagoshima ramen shop in business for 70 years

Zabon Ramen is popular for its namesake, the “Zabon ramen,” which hasn’t changed since the shop was founded in 1946. A generous helping of noodles are served in a light pork bone broth and topped with seven different ingredients, including roast pork, cabbage, and bean sprouts. A mini size is also available for people in a hurry or light eaters. Don’t forget the gyoza dumplings. Made with Kagoshima black pork, they have a light flavor which is the perfect complement to ramen. Check out the Chuo Station shop and the Amu Plaza Kagoshima shop as well.


Basic Information

Address 890-0062 鹿児島県鹿児島市与次郎1丁目6-20
Access ・ 5 minutes’ walk from Yojiro Icchome Frespo Jungle Park Mae on the Kagoshima Kotsu #32-1
Car Park Yes
Open 11:00am - 9:00pm
Language Japanese menu with pictures
Closures 1st January
Language (Menu)English, Chinese
Accepted credit cards Visa, JCB
Price (Lunch) - 1,000yen
(Dinner) 1,001yen - 2,000yen
Covid-19 countermeasures Alcohol disinfection, partition plate
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