Welcome to Kagoshima City


Access from major cities

From Tokyo (Haneda Airport) to Kagoshima Airport
Approx. 1 hr and 50 mins by plane
From Osaka (Itami Airport/Osaka Airport) to Kagoshima Airport
1 hr and 15 mins by plane
From Kagoshima Airport to Kagoshima Chuo Station
Minimum 38 mins by airport shuttle bus
From Fukuoka (Hakata Station) to Kagoshima Chuo Station
Approx. 1 hr and 15 mins by Shinkansen


Seasonal attractions

Seasonal Attractions

  • Kotsuki River Bank

    A relaxing and beautiful cherry blossom tree-lined river in a historical site.

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  • Hirakawa Zoological Park

    (A unique) Zoo with a great view of Sakurajima and even a footbath!

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  • New Japan Aviation Co.,LTD.

    A short hop to Sakurajima – Spectacular sightseeing flight

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  • Kagoshimacity Blue Marine Cab Dolphin watching & Cruising

    Enjoy Marine Cab in the ocean around Kagoshima.

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  • Bicycle Rental

    Tour around Sakurajima

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  • 【Kagoshima Kayaks】A half-day Sakurajima kayaking tour

    Kayaking while viewing Sakurajima

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  • Kagoshima city Blue Marine Cab Dolphin watching & Cruising

    Enjoy Marine Cab in the ocean around Kagoshima.

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  • Tenmonkan Mujaki Main Rastaurant

    Famous for Shirokuma shaved ice, a Kagoshima specialty

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  • Yanagawa Hyoshitsu

    Shaved ice made of natural water by an ice manufacturer

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  • Snorkeling

    Snorkeling in the clear water with colorful tropical fish

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  • Ohara Festival

    Southern Kyushu’s largest festival joined by 20,000 dancers

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  • Shiroyama Observatory

    Great spot for viewing Sakurajima and the site of the last fierce battle of samurai warriors.

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  • Jigenji Park

    Relaxing park surrounded by nature in historical area.

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  • “Sakurajima” Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath

    One of Japan’s longest footbaths at the foot of the active volcano

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  • Yorimichi Cruise

    Enjoy magnificent Sakurajima in a sea breeze during this 50-min. cruise.

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  • Kagomma Furusato YATAIMURA

    Lots of superior Kagoshima foods are available. Heart-warming food stalls near Chuo Station

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  • Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

    Attractive exhibitions with various themes such as the Kuroshio Current and “Sea of Nansei Islands”

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  • Kagoshima City Museum of Art

    A worth seeing collection of modern Western paintings and traditional crafts

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  • Minato Odori Park Illumination

    The winter illumination near Kagoshima City Hall

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  • Tenmonkan

    Illumination with nearly 1 million LEDs

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