Ohara Festival おはらまつり

Southern Kyushu’s largest festival joined by 20,000 dancers

The Ohara Festival, with more than a 70 year history, is the largest festival in Southern Kyushu. The highlight of the festival is a dance to the popular Kagoshima folk song “Ohara Melody.” The venue bustles with many people. 
Other programs include Japanese taiko drumming by Kagoshima’s attractive and gallant women, parades, marching band processions and traditional performing arts. The spectacular “So-odori” features more than 20,000 dancers in costumes of different team colors. 
This two-day festival starts in the evening of November 2nd and some people dance with Shochu liquor in their hands. The atmosphere changes on the second day which ends in the late afternoon. Anyone can join the dance, so why not give it a try?

Center of the city (downtown)

Basic Information

Event Date November 2nd and 3rd, 2023
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