Rainbow Sakurajima Inn, Magma Onsen こくみんしゅくしゃれいんぼーさくらじま・まぐまおんせん

An inn at the foot of the active volcano

Many are surprised to learn that approximately 4000 people are living on Sakurajima, an active volcano. Accommodations for tourists are also available there. Rainbow Sakurajima Inn is in a perfet location. From here you can see tranquil Kinko Bay and feel magnificent Sakurajima very close. Sakurajima Magma Onsen is a natural hot spring with brown colored iron rich water from 1,000 meters underground. You can relax your body and mind in a hot spring. (which conjures up the hot magma deep underground.) The bath is open to day visitors and private baths are also available.

Hot springs, relaxing facilities

Basic Information

Address 891-1419 鹿児島県鹿児島市桜島横山町1722-16
Access ・ Approx. 8 minutes’ walk from Sakurajima Port Sakurajima Ferry Terminal
・ Get off at Rainbow Sakurajima stop on the Sakurajima Island View
Car Park Yes
Open Magma Hot Spring: 10:00am - 10:00pm
Note: on Wednesdays, closed in the morning for cleaning. Open 1:00pm - 10:00pm.
Accepted credit cards Visa, Master, American Express, JCB, Diners Club
Price (Lunch) 1,001yen - 2,000yen
(Dinner) 2,001yen - 3,000yen
Wi-Fi Free Wifi
Covid-19 countermeasures Alcohol disinfection, partition plate, temperature measurement
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