Bronze statue of Saigo Takamori さいごうたかもりどうぞう 

Bronze statue of one of the last samurai, who strived for the modernization of Japan

Saigo Takamori is a great figure who helped bring about the end of the Edo period, which had lasted for more than 250 years, and establish the Meiji government, the foundation of modern Japan. Saigo led an army during the Satsuma Rebellion, Japan’s last civil war of samurai warriors, and is said to be the model for an important character in the movie, “The Last Samurai.” This magnificent eight-meter high statue stands firm with feet set apart before Shiroyama, the site of Saigo’s last battle. Teru Ando, a sculptor from Kagoshima City, spent eight years creating this statue. Ando also created the statue of the well-known faithful dog Hachiko in Shibuya, Tokyo. You can take photos of the Saigo statue with his dog, from a spot across the street.

Center of the city (downtown)
History, historic places

Basic Information

Address 892-0853 鹿児島県鹿児島市城山町4-36
Access ・ Get off at Saigo Dozo Mae on the Kagoshima City View line
・ Approx. 8 minutes’ walk from Asahi-dori streetcar stop


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