Karasujima Observatory からすじまてんぼうじょ

Observatory with a view of both Sakurajima Mountain and Kinko Bay

This observatory offers a stunning view of both Sakurajima Mountain and Kinko Bay. The area features the rocky sea formed by the Taisho lava flow. Here, visitors can feel the power of volcanic eruptions.
A major eruption in 1914 created a plume rising around 8,000 meters high and spilled forth three billion tons of lava over the course of a month. The lava flow connected Sakurajima to the Oosumi Peninsula. A small island known as Karasujima, which at that time was 500 meters offshore, was completely swallowed up by the lava. Now, part of that area has been renovated into an observatory.
The Sakurajima Island View sightseeing bus is perfect for exploring the western area of Sakurajima. Check out the lampposts shaped like Sakurajima horseradishes along the road near the Karasujima Observatory.

Sakurajima Nature

Basic Information

Address 891-1420 鹿児島県鹿児島市桜島赤水町3629-12
Access ・ Get off at Karasujima Observatory stop on the Sakurajima Island View
・ Approx. 25 minutes’ walk from Sakurajima Port Sakurajima Ferry Terminal
Contact Kagoshima City Tourism Promotion Division
Telephone Number 099-216-1327(鹿児島市観光振興課)
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