Aji no Sato Chinman あじのさと ちんまん

Nice big set meals. A much-loved local institution of Sakurajima

An extensive menu of ramen, champon and set meals. A big hit here is the Chicken Namban Set, using a whole chicken thigh. All items on the menu are big and satisfying. This eatery is a local favorite on Sakurajima.


Basic Information

Address 891-1417 鹿児島県鹿児島市桜島赤生原町1-5
Address(English) 1-5 Sakurajima-Akoubaru-cho,Kagoshima City
Access ・5 minutes' drive from Sakurajima Ferry Terminal
・ 1 minute walk from Oshu Shogakkomae Bus Stop
Car Park Yes
Open 11:00am - 3:00pm(L.O.2:20pm)
Closures Thursdays, one Wednesday per month
Telephone Number 099-293-2848
Language (Menu)English
Accepted credit cards Visa, Master, American Express, Unionpay
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