Travel to active volcano Sakurajima to feel the breathing of the earth-1

Travel to active volcano Sakurajima to feel the breathing of the earth

Volcanic activity continues through Sakurajima, and only 4km away from it is a city in which about 600,000 people live. Kagoshima City is a unique place in the world in that people’s lives go on side by side with a volcano. Sakurajima’s majestic landscape symbolizes Kagoshima, and local people have always loved Sakurajima as a symbol to which their hearts always return. Small-scale eruptions occur almost every day, but they are part of life for the people who live with a volcano. Such a calm attitude is a result of one of the best volcano observation systems in the world and thoroughgoing disaster reduction measures. Needless to say, the landscape of Sakurajima is breathtaking with lush forests, which were regenerated after gigantic eruptions, rugged lava formation and the surrounding bright blue water of Kinko Bay. Sakurajima also provides visitors a chance to experience directly the benefits of a volcano, such as natural hot springs and one-of-a-kind farm products. It is only a 15-minute ferry ride from downtown Kagoshima. Why don’t you come to Sakurajima to experience the treasures it offers?

Enjoying udon noodles during the 15-minute ferry ride is a typical local way to experience the trip. The ferry connects from the city to Sakurajima runs 24 hours a day. It is handy in that it departs every 15 to 20 minutes during daytime.

Once you are on Sakurajima, a variety of different transportation means are at your disposal depending on your purpose and mood, such as the loop-line bus or bicycle rental. One option is to use the open top bus departing from Kagoshima City to tour around Sakurajima. Please experience the refreshing sea breeze and the natural smell of the earth exuding from the crater. It would certainly be enough to visit the popular photo-taking spots such as the Observatory or the lava field to enjoy a vista most people never have a chance to see in daily life. But we strongly recommend you try an activity in which you can experience the blessings of a volcano more directly.

●Footbath and Hot Springs

We recommend relaxing yourself in a footbath early in the morning and enjoying the view of Sakurajima or taking a morning bath to experience the power of hot springs gushing out with the powerful heat of a volcano. There are “secret hot springs” on the beach which appear only when certain conditions such as low tide and other weather conditions are met. Scoop out the sand on the beach for a while, and a natural hot spring of 40℃ or higher will well up. Digging a natural hot spring is highly recommended. It is recommended to warm yourself in the very footbath that you have dug for yourself, enjoy the healing sound of the waves and sip on your favorite local drink.


●Sakurajima mini mandarin and Sakurajima radish are the products of well-drained volcanic soil.

Sakurajima mini mandarin is one of the smallest mandarin variety in the world and is known for its intense sweetness and sourness. The best season for mini mandarin picking is late November to late December when you can also enjoy the refreshing smell of citrus.

Sakurajima radish is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest radish in the world. If you wish, you can experience harvesting fresh and juicy radish between early January and mid February. Sakurajima radish is gaining attention recently for the trigonelline it contains, a functional ingredient believed to improve the function of blood vessels.

Available at the Michi-no-eki near Ferry Terminal are Sakurajima mini mandarin soft ice cream, udon noodles containing shredded mandarin peels, Sakurajima’s original drinks, pickles and other local products.

●Creating a picture using volcanic ash

A unique hands-on experience was born out of a collaboration between local senior high school students and a potter. Although it is regarded as a nuisance in the daily life of Kagoshima residents, volcanic ash can be utilized in an unexpected way. Draw a picture on a post-card-sized drawing paper. Fix colored volcanic ash on it. Place it in a photo frame. Bring it home as a travel souvenir. The site also offers visitors a chance to try traditional pottery making.


●Kayaking Experience

Explore the mysterious Kinko Bay with up-close views of the lava field and Sakurajima spewing out plumes of ash.

●Making a pizza kiln from lava
A simple but extremely tasty experience in which you assemble a pizza oven using lava blocks, bake a pizza in it and enjoy the natural local taste of your pizza. The camellia oil to prepare the dough is also made in Sakurajima



Please try sweets and drinks made from one of Kagoshima’s special products, sweet potatoes. These are available at the café at Sakurajima Port Ferry Terminal while waiting for your return ferry. lso available here are Sakurajima’s original goods, which are famous for their good design.

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