Set your foot on the ground of Sakurajima to discover more about the popular Kagoshima tourist attraction-1

Set your foot on the ground of Sakurajima to discover more about the popular Kagoshima tourist attraction

Rather than just viewing from a distance, you should set foot on Sakurajima, the symbol of Kagoshima, to enjoy a landscape and activities only possible at the world famous active volcano. 

Activities on Sakurajima

There are a variety of tours that offer activities to fully enjoy Sakurajima’s attractions.
  • 【Kagoshima Kayaks】A half-day Sakurajima kayaking tour-1

    【Kagoshima Kayaks】A half-day Sakurajima kayaking tour

    On this kayaking tour around Sakurajima, you can view the great active volcano from the ocean. You might closely witness an eruption of Sakurajima. Experienced JSCA certified guides will take you on this kayaking tour.
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  • Bicycle Rental-1

    Bicycle Rental

    At the Sakurajima Visitor Center hybrid bikes can be rented. You can tour around Sakurajima on a 24-speed bike. For more details, please ask a staff member at the center.
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  • Kagoshima city Blue Marine Cab Dolphin watching & Cruising-1

    Kagoshima city Blue Marine Cab Dolphin watching & Cruising

    A variety of options such as a dolphin watching cruise in Kinko Bay with close-up views of Sakurajima, marine sports, a night cruise or a remote island tour are available. You can fully enjoy the attractions of Kagoshima. We can arrange other tours/cruises according to your request.
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  • Sakurajima – Try creating a picture using volcanic ash-1

    Sakurajima – Try creating a picture using volcanic ash

    In this program you will create a picture using colorful stained ash from Sakurajima. It does not take long (minimum 20 minutes), so you can try it while sightseeing on Sakurajima. Your picture will be ready quickly so you can take it home as a great souvenir.
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  • Digging a natural hot spring in Sakurajima-1

    Digging a natural hot spring in Sakurajima

    You can warm your feet in a hot spring on a sand beach.
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  • “Sakurajima” Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath-1

    “Sakurajima” Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath

    “Sakurajima” Yogan Nagisa Park is situated on the shore, an eight minute walk from Sakurajima Port. There is a 100-m long footbath, one of the longest in Japan, fed by a natural hot spring from 1,000 m underground is in the park. The terra-cotta colored water contains iron. Why not relieve your travel fatigue in the footbath while viewing Kinko Bay in front and Sakurajima behind?
    You can purchase Sakurajima’s original towels at the Sakurajima Visitor Center and Rainbow Sakurajima Inn. 
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  • Furusato Hot Spring Town-1

    Furusato Hot Spring Town

    Furusato Hot Spring Town is an onsen (hot spring) resort in Sakurajima, where visitors can enjoy a magnificent view of the expansive Kinko Bay, with the mountains of the Okuma Peninsula to the southeast and Mt. Kaimondake to the southwest. The open-air baths located along the shore offer an unrivaled sense of freedom.
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  • Rainbow Sakurajima Inn, Magma Onsen-1

    Rainbow Sakurajima Inn, Magma Onsen

    Many are surprised to learn that approximately 4000 people are living on Sakurajima, an active volcano. Accommodations for tourists are also available there. Rainbow Sakurajima Inn is in a perfet location. From here you can see tranquil Kinko Bay and feel magnificent Sakurajima very close. Sakurajima Magma Onsen is a natural hot spring with brown colored iron rich water from 1,000 meters underground. You can relax your body and mind in a hot spring. (which conjures up the hot magma deep underground.) The bath is open to day visitors and private baths are also available.

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  • Yunohira Observatory-1

    Yunohira Observatory

    The observatory is located at the fourth station, 373 m above sea level, on the North Peak of Sakurajima. This is the highest point of Sakurajima accessible to the public. You will be impressed by the view of the rough surface of the smoking South Peak where. This is one of the must-see spots in Sakurajima.
    From the observatory you can see the mirror-like surface of tranquil Kinko Bay and the urban district of Kagoshima City below. You can also see the Kirishima mountain chain in the north and beautiful Mount Kaimon in the south. 
    If you find the seven heart marks hidden in the observatory, somehing good might happen to you.
    There is a bus stop for the Sakurajima Island View buses that make a loop trip in west area of Sakurajima. 
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  • Arimura Lava Observatory-1

    Arimura Lava Observatory

    The observatory is located along a 1-km trail on a small hill in the lava field created by the great 1946 eruption. From here there is a clear view of impressive Sakurajima, the world famous active volcano, and Kinko Bay. As the observatory is close to the crater of the steep, cone shaped South Peak, you may hear roaring or explosive sounds from the crater that give quite a different impression of Sakurajima.
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  • Sakurajima Visitor Center-1

    Sakurajima Visitor Center

    If you go to Sakurajima, a recommended first stop is Sakurajima Visitor Center. Their exhibition panels show you record of past eruptions, the formation of the volcano, vegetaion, tourism and disaster prevention activities in Sakurajima.You can learn how people lead their life in Sakurajima by watching a high-definition film and looking at a model of the volcano.At their shop, there are special souvenirs including books about Kagoshima and Sakurajima, and Sakurajima specialties only available here. If you need, you can also purchase original towels for the footbath near the center. You can rent a hybrid bicycle to tour around Sakurajima. 
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  • Sightseeing flight: Sakurajima course-1

    Sightseeing flight: Sakurajima course

    This tour takes you in a small airplane to see the highlights of Sakurajima and Kinko Bay. From the sky you can closely view magnificent Showa crater and the smoke rising from the active volcano.
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Sakurajima Island View bus is a useful way to get around Sakurajima.

Departing from Sakurajima Port, the Sakurajima Island View bus makes a 60-minute loop trip around Sakurajima. There are departures every half hour 15 times per day. You can save money with the CUTE one-day pass if you go to both Sakurajima and Kagoshima City. 

Sakurajima is erupting. Is it safe?

According to records from the past few years, there are an average of 800 eruptions of Sakurajima each year. The volcano erupts on a regular basis. Even so, more than 4,000 people live at the foot of the volcano. There are 600,000 residents across the water, approx. 4 km from the volcano. 


Local residents always check the wind direction before hanging out their laundry.-1

Local residents always check the wind direction before hanging out their laundry.

When Sakurajima erupts volcanic ash falls so local residents must always check various forecasts to know the wind direction over Sakurajima.

Access to Sakurajima

From Kagoshima Port to Sakurajima Port takes 15 minutes by a ferry which runs 24 hours a day. You can also enter Sakurajima by car. 

A special Sakurajima Ferry route

It usually takes 15 minutes to get to Sakurajima, but this ferry takes a special route so passengers can enjoy a more relaxing time. 
  • Yorimichi Cruise-1

    Yorimichi Cruise

    Approx. 50-min. short cruise. Operates every day.
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  • Cruise to discover attractions of Kinko Bay-1

    Cruise to discover attractions of Kinko Bay

    Approx. 2-hour route around the inner bay with views of Sakurajima and rarely seen landscapes. Operates in spring and fall.
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Enjoy Yabukin udon noodles on the Sakurajima Ferry.

During the 15 minute Sakurajima Ferry ride, try Yabukin udon noodles, often mentioned by mass media. They are popular for their simple taste.

You might see dolphins from the ferry.

With luck you will see wild dolphins that inhabit Kinko Bay where many boat cross. 

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