Set your foot on the ground of Sakurajima to discover more about the popular Kagoshima tourist attraction-1

Set your foot on the ground of Sakurajima to discover more about the popular Kagoshima tourist attraction

Rather than just viewing from a distance, you should set foot on Sakurajima, the symbol of Kagoshima, to enjoy a landscape and activities only possible at the world famous active volcano. 

First off, please check out this video offering a brief overview of the attractions of Sakurajima and Kinko Bay.


Activities on Sakurajima

There are a variety of tours that offer activities to fully enjoy Sakurajima’s attractions.
  • Sakurajima Visitor Center-1

    Sakurajima Visitor Center

    Let’s learn more about Sakurajima!

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  • Tsukiyomi Shrine-1

    Tsukiyomi Shrine

    A power spot, just a 2 minute-walk from Sakurajima Port!

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  • “Sakurajima” Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath-1

    “Sakurajima” Yogan Nagisa Park Footbath

    One of Japan’s longest footbaths at the foot of the active volcano.

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  • Yunohira Observatory-1

    Yunohira Observatory

    An observatory comands a panoramic view from the highest accessible point in Sakurajima.

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  • Arimura Lava Observatory-1

    Arimura Lava Observatory

    Experience a different Sakurajima. The panoramic view is the highlight of the observatory.

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  • Kurokami Buried Torii(Shrine Gate)-1

    Kurokami Buried Torii(Shrine Gate)

    Important heritage that illustrates Sakurajima’s massive eruption.

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  • 【Kagoshima Kayaks】A half-day Sakurajima kayaking tour-1

    【Kagoshima Kayaks】A half-day Sakurajima kayaking tour

    Kayaking while viewing Sakurajima.

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  • Bicycle Rental-1

    Bicycle Rental

    Tour around Sakurajima.

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  • Sakurajima – Try creating a picture using volcanic ash-1

    Sakurajima – Try creating a picture using volcanic ash

    Make artwork out of volcanic ash for a souvenir.

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  • Digging a natural hot spring in Sakurajima-1

    Digging a natural hot spring in Sakurajima

    You can warm your feet in a hot spring on a sand beach.
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  • Furusato Hot Spring Town-1

    Furusato Hot Spring Town

    Enjoy the spacious open-air baths along the shore.

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  • Rainbow Sakurajima Inn, Magma Onsen-1

    Rainbow Sakurajima Inn, Magma Onsen

    An inn at the foot of the active volcano.

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A special opportunity to enjoy Sakurajima from the sky!

You can enjoy Sakurajima not only on land and sea, but even from the sky!

Head to Sakurajima, overlooking majestic mountains, the sparkling sea of Kinko Bay and the city of Kagoshima. A scenic flight over Sakurajima, with its rugged mountain surface and volcanic smoke rising into the sky, is sure to make a one-of-a-kind experience! 
Two types of small aircrafts are available for charter; one for up to 3 people and the other for up to 9 people. Plan is recommended for groups to use, great value for money.

Flights depart from Kagoshima Airport in Kirishima City, so be sure to plan ahead to fit this opportunity into your schedule.

Check out the map of Sakurajima.

Sakurajima Island View bus is a useful way to get around Sakurajima.

Departing from Sakurajima Port, the Sakurajima Island View bus makes a 60-minute loop trip around Sakurajima. There are departures every half hour 15 times per day. You can save money with the CUTE one-day pass if you go to both Sakurajima and Kagoshima City. 

Sakurajima is erupting. Is it safe?

According to records from the past few years, there are an average of 800 eruptions of Sakurajima each year. The volcano erupts on a regular basis. Even so, more than 4,000 people live at the foot of the volcano. There are 600,000 residents across the water, approx. 4 km from the volcano. 


Local residents always check the wind direction before hanging out their laundry.-1

Local residents always check the wind direction before hanging out their laundry.

When Sakurajima erupts volcanic ash falls so local residents must always check various forecasts to know the wind direction over Sakurajima.

Access to Sakurajima

From Kagoshima Port to Sakurajima Port takes 15 minutes by a ferry which runs 24 hours a day. You can also enter Sakurajima by car. 

Enjoy Yabukin udon noodles on the Sakurajima Ferry.

During the 15 minute Sakurajima Ferry ride, try Yabukin udon noodles, often mentioned by mass media. They are popular for their simple taste.

You might see dolphins from the ferry.

With luck you will see wild dolphins that inhabit Kinko Bay where many boat cross. 

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