Sakurajima – Try creating a picture using volcanic ash さくらじま かざんばいあーとたいけん

Make artwork out of volcanic ash for a souvenir.

In this program you will create a picture using colorful stained ash from Sakurajima. It does not take long (minimum 20 minutes), so you can try it while sightseeing on Sakurajima. Your picture will be ready quickly so you can take it home as a great souvenir.

Crafts Culture activities

Basic Information

Meeting place Ougaku Tougei
Address of the meeting place 鹿児島県鹿児島市桜島赤水町1360
Access to the meeting place ・ Take the Sakurajima Island View line from Sakurajima Ferry Terminal; get off at Akamizu Yunohira-guchi and walk approx. 3 minutes
・ Approx. 5 minutes by car from Sakurajima Ferry Terminal
Required time From 20 minutes
Min. number of participants From one person
Max. number of participants 140 people
Restrictions None
Event fees LL size: 1800 yen (excluding tax)
L size: 1500 yen (excluding tax)
Cancellation fees Check when making your reservation
In case of rain or bad weather Check when making your reservation
Reservations Recommended
How to make a reservation Web
Organizer Ougaku Tougei
Address 891-1420 鹿児島県鹿児島市桜島赤水町1360
Car Park Passenger cars: yes; buses: yes
Open 9:00am - 5:00pm
Closures Irregular holidays
Season Year-round
Links Feature article “Sakurajima Tourist Information, Complete Guide”
Sakurajima Ogakutogei Offcial Site


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