Sakurajima Island View bus makes a loop trip around Sakurajima さくらじましゅうゆうばす「さくらじまあいらんどびゅー」

With Sakurajima Port as the terminal stop, the bus stops at highlights of Sakurajima including the Sakurajima Visitor Center that introduces the history of Sakurajima, etc., the Sakurajima International Volcanic Sabo Center that exhibits panels showing past eruptions and debris flow disasters, and several observatories where you can view Sakurajima from different angles. The bus runs every half hour. It takes approximately 55 minutes to loop around Sakurajima. In July 2019 a large bus with panoramic windows began service to allow great views of magnificent Sakurajima and beautiful calm Kinko Bay.

Loop-line buses for tourist spots

Sakurajima Island View Tour Bus Map・Timetable

Basic Information

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