Five of the best places for Kagoshima's famous "Shirokuma"-1

Five of the best places for Kagoshima's famous "Shirokuma"

Shirokuma shaved ice is surely one of the most famous sweets of Kagoshima. Fruit tops a mound of shaved ice with a generous serving of sweetened condensed milk. Much loved by the people of the region, its name derives from the resemblance of the dessert to a polar bear viewed from above. Here we present to you the best shops to enjoy Kagoshima's one and only Shirokuma, bearing in mind that the flavor of the ice and types of fruit used vary greatly from place to place.

Tenmonkan Mujaki

The original is surely Tenmonkan Mujaki. Here, the Shirokuma menu is extensive so you can enjoy the ice you want as your preference and the mood takes you. You will come back for the billowing texture created by the generous lashings of the homemade condensed milk, a secret recipe.


What sets the mathematics café's offering apart is the 3D Shirokuma. It looks so cute with its mound of colorful fruit that is almost a shame to eat it. What makes even ordering fun here is the plethora of maths books and problems for you to mull over while you wait.

Café kanojonoie

Second only in popularity to the Shirokuma is the "Kiguma" (Yellow Bear), named for the towering pile of mango covering the ice. One secret of this tasty offering is the banana hidden artfully under the mango.

Yanagawa Hyoshitsu

The queue for Yanagawa Hyoshitsu's shaved ice seems ever present, even on the hottest of midsummer days. The attention to detail and the light, airy texture make for an unforgettable Shirokuma. Check the menu for specialities like the Berry Shirokuma too.

Il Mole (Amami-no-sato)

Not just "Shirokuma" shaved ice with milk? A popular item at this resort restaurant is "Akaguma", featuring dragonfruit harvested in their own orchard. It is redolent of subtropical Kagoshima. You will be captivated by the texture of the dragonfruit and the combination of sourness and sweet vanilla ice cream.

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