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Savor the Delights Nurtured by an Active Volcano and the Famous Shochu, A Festival with a Local Guide

Sakurajima, the symbol of Kagoshima. This active volcano, coexisting with the local people, has brought significant blessings to Kagoshima's food and culture. For instance, the sweet potato shochu, the spirit of Kagoshima. Due to the volcanic ash from Sakurajima, the soil is not suitable for rice cultivation, leading to the widespread cultivation of sweet potatoes, introduced from the Ryukyu Islands. Consequently, shochu's main ingredient shifted from rice to sweet potatoes, popularizing the production and consumption of sweet potato shochu. The Ohara Matsuri Festival, where locals often dance while enjoying this shochu, is a testament to this. The dance choreography, depicting the majestic Sakurajima and its eruptions, lets you feel Sakurajima's place in the hearts of Kagoshima's people. Why not enjoy the local food and culture like the people of Kagoshima who live alongside an active volcano?

Kagoshima "Spirits" Bar Hopping

Do you want to explore the nightlife of Kagoshima City deeper, but are not sure where to go? Leave it to us, with this fun and exciting nightlife experience tour. On this tour, you'll fully experience the allure of Kagoshima's cuisine by combining sweet potato shochu and other alcoholic beverages with exquisite dishes, hopping across three different Pubs, Bars, and so on. Why not explore the areas popular among locals, which might be challenging for travelers to find, with a local guide?


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Kagoshima Shochu Total Conquest Manual

Enjoy the local shochu in various styles!

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In to Ohara Matsuri Festival! DANCE DANCE DANCE with Locals

The Ohara Matsuri Festival, Kagoshima City's largest festival and has been ongoing for over 70 years, is held annually on the night of November 2nd and during the day on November 3rd. Dancers, primarily local citizens, parade through the bustling Tenmonkan district. This tour offers a unique experience of both the night and day festivals while mingling with the locals. The night event on the 2nd immerses you in a fantastic atmosphere, with powerful drum performances and dancers in a variety of colorful costumes, ideal for visually preparing yourself. On the 3rd, it's your turn to dance. After learning from a teacher and being dressed in a yukata, join the dance procession! Be one of the locals and experience the authentic culture of Japan.

The 2023 Ohara Matsuri Festival has concluded. Let's meet again in November 2024!


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What's the highlight of the Ohara Matsuri Festival?

Dancers dressed in colorful costumes parade to the tune of "Ohara Bushi," a folk song representing Kagoshima!

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Spectacular Views from the Sea, Getting Close to the Crater, and Explosive Photography

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