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Spectacular Views from the Sea, Getting Close to the Crater, and Explosive Photography

Sakurajima is a rare place where nature and people exist in harmony on one of the world's most active volcanoes just 4 km across a bay from a city of 600,000 people. There are three tours, two adventure tours to experience the great nature of Sakurajima by sea kayak or E-bike, and another with an explosive experience amongst magnificent scenery. Fall in love with Sakurajima while enjoying its one-of-a-kind bounties of nature. Why not try something out of the ordinary?

Exploring Breathtaking Scenery Through Sea Kayaking and Lava Canyon Trekking with an Adventurer Who Traveled Worldwide

Naomi, President of Kagoshima Kayaks, has been on many adventures around the world, including a sea kayaking voyage from Alaska to Canada, a Grand Canyon kayaking expedition, crossing Australia (Perth to Sydney) on bicycle, and hiking the John Muir Trail. Through his travels around the world, Naomi has realized the greatness of the world-class active volcano, Sakurajima, and Kinko Bay in Kagoshima, where he was born and raised. Now, Naomi shares that greatness with his experiences of the world through sea kayaking tours.On this tour, you will enjoy the spectacular views of Sakurajima that can only be seen from the sea, land in an area that can only be reached from the ocean, enjoy cooking lunch together, and trek through a lava canyon to experience an unparalleled natural attraction.

Volcano up close tour on E-bike in Kagoshima

Jump on an e-bike and ride as close as 2 km from the crater, an area that is usually off-limits. Tour guides have obtained special permission to enter this area, so you won’t be able to experience anything this close elsewhere. Cycle along the bank of the manmade Nojiri River, created for disaster prevention, while approaching the crater and see firsthand the rough landscape while feeling the life of the earth and volcano. In addition, you will be able to experience the daily life on Sakurajima, where nature and people coexist in harmony, by taking a walk around a small village, learning about the disaster prevention measures taken to ensure a safe lifestyle, and enjoying a cup of Kagoshima tea.

*Participants must be able to ride an E-bike and meet the following activity levels.
[Activity level] 
Distance: approx. 8 km one way (16 km round trip), elevation difference between start and destination: 360 m

Explosion x Explosion! Photography tour with the active volcano Sakurajima in the background

Mt. Iwafune in Tochigi Prefecture, said to be a sacred place for special filming, where the filming of hero, military, and police TV shows and movies has been done for several decades, is well known for its explosion experiences. Why not experience that same explosion at the foot of an active volcano? Feel what it is like to be a TV star in this real-life intense scene. Part of the tour includes the world's first experience of an explosion that contains volcanic ash from Sakurajima.
In addition to the explosion experience, an optional tour to feel the blessings of Sakurajima that includes a bus ride from Kagoshima Chuo Station to the Sakurajima Visitor Center, an observation deck, and a footbath is also recommended.

Scheduled to be held on January 13, 2024


How to get to Sakurajima?-1

How to get to Sakurajima?

It's just a 15-minute ferry ride away. Don't forget to try the udon, loved by locals, available on the ferry!

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Experience Kagoshima's Cuisine and Culture: A Foodie & Culture Adventure

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