Kagoshima Brand Shop かごしまぶらんどしょっぷ

Both traditional and modern local specialties and souvenirs are available.

The shop offers approximately 2,300 local specialties : Satsuma pottery and genuine Oshima silk pongee (designated traditional Japanese crafts), Satsuma Kiriko cut-glass, Yakusugi wooden products and Satsuma tinware, as well as shochu, local sweets, green tea, Satsuma-age (Kagoshima fishcake), Kurobuta pork products, brewed products and processed agricultural products. The shop also has newly developed special products and items recently attracting attention. You can find both traditional and modern souvenirs here. 

Center of the city (downtown)
Satsuma-age fishcakes Shochu Kagoshima sweets Kagoshima teas Kurobuta pork products Seafood products Satsuma cut glass Satsuma pottery Craft goods

Basic Information

Address 892-0821 鹿児島県鹿児島市名山町9-1
Access Approx. 1 minutes’ walk from Asahi-dori streetcar stop
Car Park Yes
Open 10:00am - 6:00pm
Closures December 30 - January 3


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