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Kagoshima tourism app Waku Waku

Receive 500-yen worth of points that you can use right away! (*Campaign ends when all the points have been given away)

An app for Kagoshima fans that offers information on recommended spots in Kagoshima as well as great deals and promotions.
You can accumulate and use points each time you shop, so shopping on your trip is now more fun!
Download it now!

First, check out the advantages of using the app!

  • Receive 500-yen worth of points!-1

    Receive 500-yen worth of points!

    Receive 500-yen worth of points just by registering as a member! (*Campaign ends when all the points have been given away)
    For example, you can buy the 1,200-yen transportation pass "CUTE" for using in Kagoshima City for just 700 yen!

  • Accumulate and use points!-1

    Accumulate and use points!

    Receive 1 point for every 100 yen each time you shop!

  • Get tourist information!-1

    Get tourist information!

    Lots of recommended tourist information that is useful for making plans and on your trip!

  • Get information on app-limited deals and promotions!-1

    Get information on app-limited deals and promotions!

    Get information on deals and promotion campaigns. The fun doesn't end when your trip does!

So easy! Download it now!

<How to become a "Waku Waku" member>
(1) Download the app here.
*It cannot be used on a computer.
(2) Select your favorite shops and tap on "Register as a member."
*You will receive deals and promotions from your selected shops.
*Search for the shop number or scan the QR code of the shop to register as a member. 
(3) Enter the compulsory fields such as name, address, and e-mail.
(4) Receive your membership card!

Introduction to shops where you can use and accumulate points



    You can enjoy attractive snacks and lunch dishes that present an image of Sakurajima. Local residents, workers and tourists can all relax here.
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  • Kagoshima Chuo Station Tourist Information Center-1

    Kagoshima Chuo Station Tourist Information Center

    This tourist information center is on the premises of Kagoshima Chuo Station. Various pamphlets and city sightseeing information are available here.
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  • Sakurajima Visitor Center-1

    Sakurajima Visitor Center

    If you go to Sakurajima, a recommended first stop is Sakurajima Visitor Center. Their exhibition panels show you record of past eruptions, the formation of the volcano, vegetaion, tourism and disaster prevention activities in Sakurajima.You can learn how people lead their life in Sakurajima by watching a high-definition film and looking at a model of the volcano.At their shop, there are special souvenirs including books about Kagoshima and Sakurajima, and Sakurajima specialties only available here. If you need, you can also purchase original towels for the footbath near the center. You can rent a hybrid bicycle to tour around Sakurajima. 
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    Camellia oil made in Sakurajima and accessories made from volcanic ash, etc. …the shop sells many items related to Sakurajima. You may find something useful for your travels or daily life.
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  • Rainbow Sakurajima Inn, Magma Onsen-1

    Rainbow Sakurajima Inn, Magma Onsen

    Many are surprised to learn that approximately 4000 people are living on Sakurajima, an active volcano. Accommodations for tourists are also available there. Rainbow Sakurajima Inn is in a perfet location. From here you can see tranquil Kinko Bay and feel magnificent Sakurajima very close. Sakurajima Magma Onsen is a natural hot spring with brown colored iron rich water from 1,000 meters underground. You can relax your body and mind in a hot spring. (which conjures up the hot magma deep underground.) The bath is open to day visitors and private baths are also available.

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  • Sakurajima Seaside Hotel-1

    Sakurajima Seaside Hotel

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  • Sakurajima Coffee & Bakery-1

    Sakurajima Coffee & Bakery

    A shop that offers home-roasted coffee and handmade bread and baked goods. You can locate it by the characteristic light-blue trailer house. It also sells handicrafts made from volcanic ash and lava from Sakurajima, as well as agricultural products and processed products from Sakurajima. It is perfect for taking a break when you're driving or cycling around Sakurajima.
    *The store number on Kagoshima City's official tourism app "Waku Waku" is 3107. Enjoy great deals by using the app. Click here for details.

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  • Chabuya Kareido (Chabuya Curry Hall)-1

    Chabuya Kareido (Chabuya Curry Hall)

    Spicy curry with no chemical seasonings that resonates with the five senses, made using a variety of spices to maximize the natural flavor of vegetables! The restaurant can accommodate a wide variety of food customs and practices depending on menus. 

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  • Kimono-suki BiBi Kimono Rental-1

    Kimono-suki BiBi Kimono Rental

    You can rent beautiful kimono and take a walk along Kagoshima's historical streets, such as the rebuilt Goromon Gate.
    You can take memorable pictures in the numerous wonderful photography spots in the neighborhood.
    *The store number on Kagoshima City's official tourism app "Waku Waku" is 3132. Enjoy great deals by using the app. Click here for details.

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  • Nagashima Art Museum-1

    Nagashima Art Museum

    The Nagashima Art Museum is perched on a hilltop and nestled among subtropical trees. The panoramic view encompasses the magnificent Sakurajima, Kinko Bay, and downtown Kagoshima City. Inside the museum, visitors will find a permanent collection of approximately 1,000 items, including paintings and sculptures by Seiki Kuroda, a Kagoshima-born painter who left a major mark on modern Japanese art, Chagall, Renoir, Rodin, and others, as well as prehistoric artifacts excavated from the South American continent, Satsuma earthenware, and more. A wide variety of pieces are on display throughout the year.
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  • Private cruise (departing Marine port Kagoshima)-1

    Private cruise (departing Marine port Kagoshima)

    A charter cruise exclusively for the use of single groups. Departing from and returning to Marine Port, the departure time can be arranged for any time between 8.00am and 3.00pm. The cruise takes in middle and upper Kinkowan Bay. Take in the bay at your leisure: stops can be made for landing on Shinjima Island or fishing, and it could be a sunset cruise or an anniversary celebration. Onboard we have airconditioning, private toilets, fridge and karaoke. You are free to bring your own food and drinks.
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  • Kurozu Farm CAFE AND MARKET-1

    Kurozu Farm CAFE AND MARKET

    Items including drinks, dressings, desert sauce, jams and pickles made with Kagoshima’s long-selling Sakamoto Kurozu (black vinegar) are available. You can enjoy original drinks and sweets based on black vinegar at the café in the store.
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  • Kagoshima Kurobuta Roppakutei-1

    Kagoshima Kurobuta Roppakutei

    The restaurant offers a variety of items such as shabu shabu and tonkatsu based on the sophisticated taste of Kagoshima “Roppaku kurobuta” brand pork. “Roppaku kurobuta” is a black big that is delivered when it is 20-30% smaller than is customary for an ordinary pig (shirobuta white pig). Roppaku kurobuta pigs are fed sweet potatoes for 60 days before they are delivered, leaving the meat without pork’s particular odor. Because the melting point of the fat is high, the pork has a light taste. The restaurant owner is a qualified shochu advisor and always keeps more than 400 kinds of shochu at the restaurants.
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  • Unagi no Matsuju-1

    Unagi no Matsuju

    This famous restaurant prides itself on the succulent quality of its eel and glaze. It simply melts in the mouth. The extensive menu includes eel on rice, eel skewers and steamed eel. A hot offering here is the "Una-wasa don", smoothly combining eel and wasabi flavors. 

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[Inquiries about the app]
Waku Waku Secretariat (inside Symons Co., Ltd.)
E-mail: wakuwaku@symons.co.jp

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