[Akune City] Farm Garden Sora 【あくねし】のうえんがーでんそら

A sightseeing farm you can enjoy all day long

Farm Garden Sora in Akune City is about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Kagoshima-Chuo Station.

It is a complex that includes a garden where you can enjoy the changing seasons of plants, a farm where you can experience harvesting fruits, a cafe, and a boutique. You can relax and enjoy nature here. 

Outdoor Fruitpicking Food

Komorebi Farm

Komorebi Farm grows fruit trees and vegetables, centered on rice, strawberries, and lemons. During the strawberry season, you can enjoy picking large strawberries.

Secret Garden

A garden where you can see the "power of plants" from season to season.

Terrace Cafe Sora

In addition to coffee and soft drinks, there is also a full food menu, including open sandwiches and strawberry parfaits made with strawberries from Komorebi Farm. The terrace with a sprawling view is very popular.


A store selling a large number of excellent products selected from throughout Kagoshima Prefecture.

Basic Information

Address 899-1602 鹿児島県阿久根市多田454-2
Telephone Number 0996-73-3685


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