Kagoshima Asian Youth Arts Festival (KAYAF) かごしまあじあせいしょうねんげいじゅつさい~あじあん・かごしま

Youth from Asian countries and Kagoshima City will gather together for an enjoyable program of regional traditional dances, folk instruments, and choral singing. There are also events including stage show, food stalls, and experience booths representing Asian culture.

Center of the city (downtown)

Basic Information

Event Date 【November 25th, 2023】Youth Music Festival
【November 26th, 2023】Asian Stage, Asian Food Stalls, Asian Experience Booths
Place 【November 25th, 2023】Hozan Hall
【November 26th, 2023】Chuo Park etc.
Contact The Committee of Kagoshima Asian Youth Arts Festival
Telephone Number 099-226-5931(Kagoshima International Exchange Foundation)

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