"Take a side trip from Kagoshima City to explore nearby sightseeing spots!
- Introducing attractions near Kagoshima City that you can visit on a day trip -"-1

"Take a side trip from Kagoshima City to explore nearby sightseeing spots!
- Introducing attractions near Kagoshima City that you can visit on a day trip -"

Kagoshima City is surrounded by rich nature in all directions, including Kagoshima Bay and mountains. If you explore beyond the city, you will find many appealing sightseeing spots that can be visited on a day trip, such as mysterious power spots, traditional satoyama countryside scenery, outdoor hot springs with spectacular views, and photogenic spots!

[Kirishima City] Kirishima Jingu Shrine

Kirishima Jingu Shrine, one of the leading "power spots" in Japan, was built in Kirishima, which is also known as the "home of the gods."
The road to the shrine surrounded by dense greenery and the elegant vermilion-lacquered shrine building are very beautiful, and attract many visitors from all over Japan.
In the Kirishima area, the Kirishima Open-Air Museum and trekking in the Kirishima Mountain Range are also recommended!

"[Miyama, Hioki City] The village of Satsuma ware
Craftsman Village Miyama"

Miyama, the village of Satsuma ware, is located in Hioki City.
In this area surrounded by nature, there are many pottery kilns that you can visit, and the gallery of Chinjukan, which was popular at the World Expositions in Vienna and Paris in the 19th century, has a highly impressive collection!
The area is also dotted with unique cafes and workshops where you can take a leisurely stroll.

[Akune City] Farm Garden Sora

Farm Garden Sora in Akune City is a complex you can enjoy all day long. It includes a garden that is beautiful throughout the seasons, a farm area where you can enjoy harvesting, an elegant cafe with a scenic terrace, and a store featuring a selection of Kagoshima's specialties and other products!

[Ibusuki City] HealthyLand "Tamatebako" Outdoor Hot Springs

Located in Ibusuki City, which is blessed with abundant hot spring sources, this open-air bath facility with a spectacular view has been voted the best in Japan by one of the world's largest review sites! With a view of the beautiful Mount Kaimon, known as the Mount Fuji of Satsuma, and Kagoshima Bay, you can experience the feeling of becoming one with the magnificent scenery.


You can even enjoy a sand bath!-1

You can even enjoy a sand bath!

First, refresh your body and soul by covering yourself in the comfortable sand at the adjoining Sand Bath "Sayuri." Then enjoy the open-air hot spring with a spectacular view!

[Makurazaki City] Katsuichi bonito broth making experience

This bonito broth making experience is unique to Makurazaki, the largest producer of bonito flakes in Japan. You can fully enjoy the aroma and flavor of authentic bonito broth made with dried bonito from Makurazaki, and learn about bonito flakes and broth in a fun way.
In Makurazaki, you shouldn't miss spots such as Meijigura, a traditional shochu distillery that retains the atmosphere of the late Meiji period (1868-1912)!

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