Cycle around Sakurajima on an e-bike! Recharge at a farmer's café and natural hot spring!-1

Cycle around Sakurajima on an e-bike! Recharge at a farmer's café and natural hot spring!

It seems great to travel around Sakurajima on a bicycle! But I'm worried about the slopes going up and down on Sakurajima... If that's you, we recommend going on an e-bike. This is a power-assisted bicycle that's light and comfortable, so you can experience the spectacular active volcano while admiring the scenery.
This feature introduces a route that goes up to Yunohira Observatory, the highest point that the general public can enter, followed by a ride in the refreshing sea breeze and a lunch at a farmer's cafe. The route concludes with a soak in a natural hot spring to revitalize your mind and body. 
Fully absorb the energy of Sakurajima, an active volcano, and spend time rejuvenating. 

Estimated stay in Sakurajima: 4–5 hours

Head for Sakurajima on a ferry

Board the Sakurajima Ferry at Sakurajima Port and arrive in 15 minutes. This is a convenient mode of transport with ferries departing at intervals of 15-20 minutes. You can also get on board with your bicycle.

First, a visit to Tsukiyomi Shrine after landing on Sakurajima.

Tsukiyomi Shrine, located near the Sakurajima Ferry Terminal, has a history of 1,300 years.
The main building of the shrine, located in premises that are surrounded by nature, exudes a certain air of mystery. 

The "omikuji" (written fortune slips) is also very popular, with two types available - the adorable "pigeon omikuji" and the good-luck charm "owl omikuji."

Learn about active volcanoes at the Sakurajima Visitor Center

Sakurajima's mini-museum comes highly recommended for first-time visitors to Sakurajima. Learn about the history of Sakurajima's eruptions and development history, and about its vegetation, in an easy-to-understand way through a large-screen theater, dioramas, and other displays. Equipped with this knowledge, the upcoming adventures will be more fun.

There is also a spot in front the Sakurajima Visitor Center where you can get close to a rugged lava bed. Many friendly cats also gather here, possibly because of the warmth exuded by one of the longest footbath in Japan. Finally, head to the e-bike rental spot located about three minutes by foot from here.

Now for the real thing! Rent an e-bike

Arrive at Kokumin Shukusha Rainbow Sakurajima Inn. The process is easy and smooth if you book in advance. The staff explains how to use an e-bike and makes minor adjustments according to your height. You can also leave your bags at the hotel. There is a bag at the back of the e-bike for drinks and snacks so you can travel light. Start slow while easing yourself into the ride.

Even the slopes to Yunohira Observatory are a breeze

Aim for Yunohira Observation Deck, the highest point among the observation points of Sakurajima located at the fourth station of Sakurajima's Mt. Kitadake, at an elevation of 373 m. The slope goes on for some distance, but riding on an e-bike feels as if one has grown wings. It's so easy to move along lightly and quickly. An e-bike is the only way to admire the beautiful scenery of Kinko Bay, visible between the pine trees and to experience the rugged, rock-like surface of the mountains up close.

Arrive at Yunohira Observatory

Arrive about one hour after departing from Rainbow Sakurajima. You can get a physical sense of Sakurajima's power as the observatory is at the highest point. Also, if you look backward, you can get a panoramic view of Kinko Bay gleaming as it reflects the sun's rays, the streets of Kagoshima City, and depending on the weather, Mt. Kirishima mountain range and Kaimondake. Get a drink at the store and take a short break.
Take a different route from the outward journey. Head downhill until you reach Oshu Elementary School, turn right, then aim for Cafe SHIRAHAMA.

The Yunohira Observatory is actually also a great place for enjoying romantic views. If you're taking a drive, how about soaking up the fantastic colors that change from dusk to night?

Savor Sakurajima's seasonal vegetables at the farmer's café

At Cafe SHIRAHAMA, tuck into lunch and dessert made with fresh vegetables and fruits from "Farmland Sakurajima," which produces organic vegetables including Sakurajima radish and small oranges. The seasonal lunch plates are richly colored.

January to mid-February is the season for Sakurajima radishes. Experience the harvesting of the world's heaviest radish, which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records. Sakurajima radish is sweet and has a delicate texture, and can be enjoyed fresh in a salad. Alternatively, it can be stewed, baked or fried, to relish its sweet flavors. The friendly owner also offers advice on how best to enjoy its flavors. 

A blissful soak in a hot spring after reaching the goal

Arrive at Rainbow Sakurajima Inn after cycling for about 20 minutes on the e-bike. Return the e-bike here and retrieve your bags. This is the long-awaited hot spring time. At the attached Sakurajima Magma Onsen, enjoy hot spring water that gushes out from 1,000 m below the ground. Wash away your exhaustion. Then, board the Sakurajima Ferry once again and head back to town.

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