Kinkowan Cruising, Across Marine Club あくろすまりんくらぶ きんこうわんくるーじんぐ

Cruise the natural majesty of Kinkowan Bay

A private cruise is very different from cruising on a big ship. Experience something special with a sunset cruise or a day trip to a deserted island. How about taking your friends out to see a beautiful, undiscovered paradise of Kagoshima? The boat is equipped with individual bathrooms, making this a civilized experience for female guests.

Center of the city (downtown) Sakurajima Other
Cruising Outdoor

Basic Information

Meeting place Floating pier, Marine Port Kagoshima
Address of the meeting place 1 Chuokoshin-machi, Kagoshima City
Access to the meeting place ・20 minutes' walk from Wakida Streetcar Stop
・25 minutes' drive from Kagoshima Chuo Station
Required time At least 2 hours
Min. number of participants From four people
Max. number of participants Ten people
Event fees ・Kinkowan Bay Cruising
Around Kinkowan Bay (out from Marine Port Kagoshima)
Sengan-en→Kanze→Okikojima→cruise around southern coast of Sakurajima
4 hour cruise: Adult 7,700 yen
※Cruise itineraries also available toward Ibusuki Port, Yamakawa Port and Nejime Port
・Sunset cruise
Around Kinkowan Bay (out from Marine Port Kagoshima)
2 hour cruise: Adult 3,300 yen
・Deserted island day trip
Around Kinkowan Bay (out from Marine Port Kagoshima, landing on Kanze)
4 hour cruise: Adult 5,500 yen
Elementary and junior high school students: half price / infants: free (Note: each child up to elementary school student must be accompanied by one adult)
If you wish to enjoy a BBQ, an additional fee and advance booking are required.
※All cruises: If the number of guests is less than 4, four tickets must still be bought for the boat to operate
Please contact us about other itineraries not listed above
Cancellation fees Check when booking
In case of rain or bad weather Check when booking
Reservations Required
How to make a reservation Phone
Time span for accepting a reservation Until 18:00 on the day before cruise
Address 891-0175 鹿児島県鹿児島市桜ヶ丘5丁目32-2
Address(English) 32-2 Sakuragaoka, Kagoshima City
Season Year round (deserted island day trip between April and September only)
Telephone Number 080-8380-8686


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