Rental OK! Experience the magnificent Sakurajima through cycling!-1

Rental OK! Experience the magnificent Sakurajima through cycling!

You can enjoy a panoramic view of Kinko Bay and Kagoshima City, and on a clear day, you can get a spectacular view of the Osumi Peninsula and Kaimondake volcano on the far south of the mainland. Would you like to cycle the 36km around Sakurajima?

The joy of hands-free, rental cycle tourism

You can rent out sport bicycles from the Sakurajima Visitors Center, 10 minutes walk from Sakurajima Port Ferry Terminal. The staff will teach you how to use the breaks and gears, so even beginners can rest easy. You can leave your luggage and enjoy relaxed cycling.
*You can rent a bicycle without a reservation if there are any available, but it is better to book in advance. You will need identification.


You can take a bicycle on the Sakurajima Ferry-1

You can take a bicycle on the Sakurajima Ferry

The Sakurajima Ferry allows cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Enjoy cycling with your own bike.

Check in advance to safely enjoy cycling

A lap around Sakurajima is 36km, and takes three to four hours to cycle around. Plan out the sites and rest spots along the way.
  • Be aware of the rental return time-1

    Be aware of the rental return time

    Plan while considering the return time (closing time).
  • Prepare sunglasses-1

    Prepare sunglasses

    There is little shade along the shoreline, so sunglasses and hats are required. They will also protect against falling ash.
  • Prepare drinks to keep your fluids up-1

    Prepare drinks to keep your fluids up

    There are not many vending machines, so it is best to buy drinks from a convenience store or the visitors center.
  • Careful Warm Up-1

    Careful Warm Up

    The course has ups and downs, so it is best to warm up in advance.
  • Eat systematically-1

    Eat systematically

    Check the open hours and closed days of cafes and restaurants in advance.
  • Be careful of slipping on volcanic ash-1

    Be careful of slipping on volcanic ash

    If volcanic ash piles up, such as after an eruption, the roads become slippery. You should be especially careful on the white lines.

Places to stop by as you cycle

There are many sites and views in Sakurajima that you can only see by cycling. Check in advance, and plan rest stops along the way.
  • Kuromatsu Water Park-1

    Kuromatsu Water Park

    A rest spot in north Sakurajima. Enjoy the shoreline scenery.
  • Kurokami Observation Point-1

    Kurokami Observation Point

    Kurokami Observation Point is the closest spot to the Showa crater on Sakurajima. At the right time, you may be able to see powerful plumes of smoke rising.
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  • Kurokami Buried Shrine Gate-1

    Kurokami Buried Shrine Gate

    The great eruption of Sakurajima on January 12th in 1914, covered the entire Kurokami area with ash and pumice stone. The 3-m high torii shrine gate was buried, now only the top part is shown above the ground.The village head at the time decided not to dig up the gate as he wanted to keep evidence of the dreadful eruption for years to come and so it remains as it is today. The buried gate was designated as a natural monument by the prefecture in 1958. Beside the gate, an old sea fig tree that miraculously survived the disaster stands inconspicuously. 
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  • Arimura Lava Observatory-1

    Arimura Lava Observatory

    The observatory is located along a 1-km trail on a small hill in the lava field created by the great 1946 eruption. From here there is a clear view of impressive Sakurajima, the world famous active volcano, and Kinko Bay. As the observatory is close to the crater of the steep, cone shaped South Peak, you may hear roaring or explosive sounds from the crater that give quite a different impression of Sakurajima.
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  • Sakurajima International Volcanic Erosion Control Center-1

    Sakurajima International Volcanic Erosion Control Center

    You can learn about debris flow disasters, the history of Sakurajima, and major eruptions of the past.
  • Hinoshima Megumi-kan Rest Stop-1

    Hinoshima Megumi-kan Rest Stop

    Fresh local fruit and vegetables including Sakurajima radish are available here. The popular Sakurajima komikan orange, thought to be the world’s smallest mandarin orange, is tiny but very sweet. You should try Sakurajima komikan soft ice cream here. Other items such as locally created pottery make ideal souvenirs. There is also a restaurant and an information center here. The site is located along National Route 224, near the Sakurajima Port ferry terminal.
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Sweat it out at the Sakurajima Magma Onsen

You can enjoy a day return visit to the Sakurajima Magma Onsen at the Hotel Rainbow Sakurajima. Enjoy the view of Kinko Bay while soaking in the hot springs that well up from 1000 meters underground. There is also a footbath in the adjacent Sakurajima Volcanic Shore Park.


You can also do hands-free bicycle rental from right in front of the Ferry platform.-1

You can also do hands-free bicycle rental from right in front of the Ferry platform.

You can rent a bicycle from the rent-a-car shop in front of Sakurajima Port. Recommended for those who want to explore the harbor area efficiently.

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