Amami-no-sato あまみのさと

Enjoy the tropical atmosphere and gourmet food, where Oshima pongees are woven

Home to the Amami-style Gardens, lush with bougainvillea, Japanese sago palms, and more, visitors can enjoy all the tropical atmosphere that Amami has to offer. A wide variety of facilities are available, including factories and museums dedicated to the clothing called Oshima pongee, hands-on experiences making handkerchiefs using plant-based dyes, braiding workshop, weaving and trying on Oshima pongee, and more. Visitors can purchase Oshima pongee products and specialties from Amami, and enjoy seasonal flowers in the “Path of Islands Garden,” which uses stones to recreate the numerous islands that stretch to the south.
At the restaurants, diners can try Amami’s local specialty “chicken rice,” a rice dish topped with a variety of ingredients and smothered in chicken broth, as well as “Akakuma,” a shaved ice dish chock-full of red dragon fruit and available only in the summer.

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Basic Information

Address 891-0122 鹿児島県鹿児島市南栄1-8-1
Access ・ Approx. 15 minutes’ walk (5 minutes by car) from Taniyama Station, which is approx. 20 minutes by JR from Kagoshima Chuo Station
・ Approx. 20 minutes’ walk (5 minutes by car) from Taniyama Station, which is approx. 30 minutes by tram from Kagoshima Chuo Station
Car Park Yes
Open 9:00am - 5:00pm
[Reception open]9:00am - 4:30pm
[Restaurant]9:00am - 9:00pm
Price Adults: \400; high school students: \300; elementary/junior high school students: \200
Closures Open every day
Telephone Number 099-268-0331
Language (Staff) English
Muslim Friendly (Muslim Friendly)No Pork, No Alcohol
(Alcoholic beverages) Alcoholic beverages are provided
Accepted credit cards Visa, Master, American Express, Unionpay, JCB, Diners Club
Price (Lunch) 1,001yen - 2,000yen
(Dinner) 1,001yen - 2,000yen
Wi-Fi Free Wifi
Covid-19 countermeasures Alcohol disinfection, partition plate, temperature measurement
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