Welcome to southern Kyushu, Kagoshima, where special experiences are offered all year round-1

Welcome to southern Kyushu, Kagoshima, where special experiences are offered all year round

Kagoshima City has the busiest downtown in southern Kyushu and is a very rare example in the world in that the urban area where about 600,000 people live is located close to an active volcano. Kagoshima is a paradise for hot spring lovers. You will find so many public baths in the city. In some cases, you can reserve a spot and have a bath all to yourself. In addition to touring beautiful landscape spots, eating out and shopping, special and memorable experiences are available regardless of the season. Come at any time of the year and create the sort of experiences that you will remember for a long time. Here are some of the experiences that have been popular in recent years among tourists and locals.

●Sushi School

Participants of this experience-based activity learn how to fillet a fish and how to make nigiri-zushi and sushi roll. They prepare a plate of assorted sushi on their own and try it. You are welcome even if you do not understand Japanese. The sushi chef demonstrates the necessary skills by using body language until students understand. At the end of the experience, a certificate of graduation will be provided. The school is animated by the sushi chefs’ wish that more people will enjoy making sushi casually at home, using locally available ingredients.


●Pen making experience using genuine Oshima silk pongee and weaving experience

The shop sells not only kimonos but also everyday household items and interior goods. The goal is to disseminate more widely knowledge of genuine Oshima silk pongee, which is produced on Amamioshima Island and designated as a national traditional craft. The store also holds a workshop where you paste together offcuts of expensive Oshima silk pongee fabric and make a one-of-a-kind ball point pen available nowhere else in the world but here. To dye threads, it is necessary to soak them in a dye made from sharinbai (Yeddo hawthorn) and bring it to a muddy paddy to rub in mud up to 100 times at the maximum. The dyed threads are woven with professional skills into a fine silk pongee fabric. Visitors are invited to try weaving to get the feel of what experienced weavers can do.


●A walk-and-eat tour of Kagoshima Ramen

Every locality of Japan has their local ramen of which they are very proud. Kagoshima Ramen is popular among the locals since it has been improved independently in Kyushu where many establishments compete with each other fiercely for top honors. The types of soup and noodles vary widely, but one thing is common. Many ramen restaurants serve radish and other kinds of pickles with their ramen.

Please cycle around the city using Kagoshima Bike Sharing System, “Kagorin”, and find the ramen you like the most.

In Kagoshima, tourists can enjoy activities throughout the year, but it is also recommended to time your visit to enjoy seasonal events.
Near the busy Tenmonkan district, Ohara Festival is held in November every year. The sight of about 20,000 people dancing to the local folk tunes is overwhelming. Also in November, shochu lovers indulge themselves in tasting shochu during the 3-day Shochu Street where 113 distillers of Kagoshima Prefecture participate. 

 Tenmonkan Millionation from December to January lights up Tenmonkan Park and is turned into a romantic venue.

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