Sightseeing flight: Sakurajima course ゆうらんひこう さくらじまこーす

A short hop to Sakurajima – Spectacular sightseeing flight

This tour takes you in a small airplane to see the highlights of Sakurajima and Kinko Bay. From the sky you can closely view magnificent Showa crater and the smoke rising from the active volcano.

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When you enter the hangar, you'll see cool small planes!

When completing the boarding procedures, you move to the hangar. After the rattly door is opened, you'll face the plane and automatically start taking photos!

Finally going down the runway.

A small Cessna plane proceeds to the runway alongside a large passenger plane. Listening to the communication between the captain and the air traffic controller right next to you is one of the best things about small planes.

Time for take off!

After takeoff, the plane quickly gains altitude and takes to the sky. You can overlook the tea fields and mountains of Kirishima.

Feel and experience the mind-blowing impact of Sakurajima!

You'll only be able to say, "Wow!" "It's so close!" "Amazing!" It's true that we become at a loss for words when absolutely moved.

Kinko Bay with quiet waves.

Heading back to Kagoshima Airport while gazing at Kinko Bay with its quiet waves, as if trying to contain excitement.

Basic Information

Meeting place New Japan Aviation (NJA)
Address of the meeting place 鹿児島県霧島市隼人町西光寺3525-1
Access to the meeting place ・ Approx. 5 minutes south of the Kagoshima Airport Terminal Building by car.
・ Those using public transport should meet at the Kagoshima Airport Terminal Building.
Required time Approx. 30 minutes
Min. number of participants From one person
Max. number of participants [Cessna 172P, S]
Three people (weight limit applies)
Nine people (weight limit applies)
Restrictions Unaccompanied people with injuries or disabilities, children under 3 years old not permitted
Event fees Cessna 172: 44,880 yen
BN2P: 99,000yen
Cancellation fees Check when making your reservation
In case of rain or bad weather Check when making your reservation
Reservations Required
How to make a reservation Web
Time span for accepting a reservation Until that day
Organizer New Japan Aviation (NJA)
Address 899-5114 鹿児島県霧島市隼人町西光寺3525-1
Address(English) 3525-1 Hayatochosaikoji,Kirishima,Kagoshima,899-5114 Japan
Car Park Yes
Open 9:00am - 5:00pm
Closures Irregular holidays
Season Year-round
Links Feature article “Sakurajima Tourist Information, Complete Guide”
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