Waterfront Sea Breeze Course-1

Waterfront Sea Breeze Course

  • Suggested Time:3 Hours
  • Main modes of transportation:Walk
The beautiful, calm Kinkowan Bay is surrounded by attractive spots. Enjoy the view of the magnificent Sakurajima while watching the ferry traffic. Kagoshima City Aquarium Io World is the largest aquarium in Kyushu and is popular among both locals and visitors. 


15 minutes by streetcar from Kagoshima Chuo Station and then 10 minutes on foot after getting off at Suizokukan-guchi (Aquarium)

Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium

Attractive exhibitions with various themes such as the Kuroshio Current and “Sea of Nansei Islands”
Io World Kagoshima City Aquarium-1
The aquarium boasts a great location with Sakurajima directly in front. The main attraction is 10,000 marine creatures of approximately 800 species. The Gigantic Kuroshio Fish Tank, 25-m wide and containing 1,500 tons of water, is overwhelming. It exhibits fish such as whale sharks and tuna that migrate with the Kuroshio Current. There are many other exhibitions under different themes such as “Sea of Nansei Islands,” where you can see colorful tropical fish and live corals, and “Deep Sea of Kagoshima,” the aquarium has Vestimentiferan tube-worms/Lamellibrachia Satsuma (tube-worms), a rare creature found only in Kagoshima. 
There are other attractions including events to learn about dolphins and the diet of whale sharks, harbor seals and electric eels. 
  • Address 892-0814 鹿児島県鹿児島市本港新町3-1
    Open 9:00am - 6:00pm (last entry at 5:00pm)
    Open until 9:00pm during Golden Week, Sat/Sun/national holidays during summer break, Obon holiday, Christmas Eve, etc.
    Closures Four days starting on the first Monday in December
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2-minute walk

Boardwalk (Shiokaze-dori)

Boardwalk (Shiokaze-dori)-1

5-minute walk

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park-1


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