Kagoshima Highlight tour (Senganen garden & Mt. Sakurajima) かごしまハイライトツアー(せんがんえん・さくらじま)

Feel the energy of human and nature in Kagoshima

You can feel sophisticated beauty and history of Kagoshima,and enjoy dynamic power of nature! At Senganen garden, you will see magnificent view of nature of Kagoshima and historical sights. This place was build as a villa of local feudal lords in the 17th century, There is a house preserved and you can go inside and see how then people lived there. And at a restaurant in the garden, you can enjoy various kind of local cuisine with a great view of the garden. To reach Mt. Sakurajima, we will take a ferry. On the mountain, we will feel energy of the earth from the observatory and how local people live with the active volcano.

Sakurajima Iso
Tourist guide

Basic Information

Required time 8 hours
Max. number of participants basically up to 5 (open to negotiation)
Event fees Check the reservation page for fee information
Cancellation fees Check when making your resevation
In case of rain or bad weather Check when making your resevation
Reservations According to guest's request
How to make a reservation WEB, e-mail
Time 9:00~17:00
Address 鹿児島県
Telephone Number 090-7449-1856
Email 4.horifam@gmail.com
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