Volcano Island Sakurajima & Sea Kayaking Adventure

Feel the power of nature through your body and soul!

Sakurajima is the symbol of Kagoshima Prefecture. It is an active volcano that is still erupting.
About 3,000 people are living at the foot of the volcano.
Is it possible to live on active volcano? How does it like? 
In this tour, you can see the history of Sakurajima’s eruption and experience nature by going and looking around the majestic Sakurajima from the surface of Kinko-bay.
Sakurajima is an important place and a power spot for the people of Kagoshima.

Sakurajima Iso
Tourist guide

Basic Information

Meeting place Rail or Bus Station, Cruise Ship Port, Hotel
Required time Approx. 6 hours
Min. number of participants From 1 person
Max. number of participants 5 people
Event fees 25,000yen
Cancellation fees Check when making your reservation
In case of rain or bad weather Check when making your reservation
Reservations Required
How to make a reservation website
Event Date All year
Time 08:00~13:45
Address 鹿児島県
Links Experience Japanese Samurai Garden and short hiking
Experience World Cultural Heritage Site and Japanese Samurai Garden
Exploring Sakurajima, active volcano

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