Senganen Kagoshima -a traditional Japanese garden (half day) めいしょう「せんがんえん」はんにちさんさくぷらいべーと・つあー

Explore Samurai garden with a grand veiw of Mt. Sakurajima.

How about a nice walk in Senganen, a state garden known as a national scenic beauty, just 3 km away from downtown, facing a grand view of Sakurajima Volcano and a gentle sea of Kagoshima Bay? It was once a villa owned by lords of Satsuma (an old name for Kagoshima) who ruled the land over seven centuries. Enjoy their beloved garden, imagine the Samurai life and find out a unique landscape among all Japanese traditional gardens. Many options prepared, please check them out!

Tourist guide

Basic Information

Meeting place Tenmonkan tourist information center (can be changed)
Address of the meeting place CenTerrace Tenmonkan 1F,
1-1 Sennichi , Kagoshima-city
(can be changed)
Access to the meeting place Approx. 1 minutes’ walk from Tenmonkandori streetcar stop
(can be changed)
Required time Approx. 4 hours
Min. number of participants From 1 person
Max. number of participants 5 people
Event fees Check the reservation page for fee information
Cancellation fees Check when making your reservation
In case of rain or bad weather Check when making your reservation
Reservations Required
Time span for accepting a reservation Until one week before (negotiable)
Address 鹿児島県
Links GoWithGuide
Sakurajima volcano & Senganen samurai garden in Kagoshima
Senganen samurai garden & Izakaya evening in Kagoshima

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