【Wind and Waves】Sea kayak trip うぃんどあんどうぇーぶす しーかやっくとりっぷ(いそかいすいよくじょう)

Sea kayaking with Sakurajima in the background

After visiting Sengan-en, you can go kayaking from Iso Beach. You can go a short distance to enjoy kayak fishing using simple bait and a rod or just relax on the water. There is a tour to cross the water from the beach to Sakurajima. A free drink is provided to those who arrive from a visit to Sengan-en.

Marine activities Outdoor

Basic Information

Meeting place Kagoshima Station
Address of the meeting place 鹿児島県鹿児島市浜町2
Access to the meeting place In front of Kagoshima Station
Required time 1 - 6 hours
Min. number of participants From one person
Max. number of participants 50 people
Restrictions Elementary school students - 70 years
Event fees 6000 yen (60 minutes)
7000 yen (180 minutes)
Sea crossing: 10000 yen (approx. 4 hours)
Cancellation fees Check when making your reservation
In case of rain or bad weather Check when making your reservation
Reservations Required
How to make a reservation Web
Time span for accepting a reservation Until three days before
Organizer Wind and Waves (B&G Kinkowan Ocean Club)
Address 899-5652 鹿児島県姶良市平松7703-7
Address(English) 7703-7Hiramatu Aira City Kagoshima Pref Japan Zip8995652
Open 8:00pm-5:00am
Closures Monday - Thursday
(unless a reservation is made)
Season Year-round


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