Anbai あんばい

A sweet shop specializing in sweet potato desserts

This potato sweets specialist store deals in sweets that contain anno potato and purple sweet potato. Enjoy cakes, sweets and soft-serve ice cream packed with the rich sweetness of the produce. Watching the individually-made Murasaki-imo Mont Blanc Soft (purple sweet potato cream on soft-serve ice cream) being created tantalizes the taste buds. A popular item is the potato chips made with deep-sea salt from the Koshikishima. There are so many items that would make a perfect snack or gift here.

Center of the city (downtown)
Local sweets

Basic Information

Address 892-0828 鹿児島県鹿児島市金生町6-6 よかど鹿児島本店ビル1階
Address(English) 1F, Yocado Kagoshima Bldg, 6-6 Kinsei-cho, Kagoshima City
Access 1 minute walk from Asahidori Streetcar Stop
Car Park Yes
Open 10:00am - 8:00pm
Closures Second Tuesday of every month, Jan. 1
Telephone Number 099-294-9627


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