Let's enjoy Virtual Tours of Kagoshima!-1

Let's enjoy Virtual Tours of Kagoshima!

Discover Kagoshima from wherever you are.
While your travel is on hold, why not immerse yourself in Japanese culture at home?
The history of Samurai, Japanese tea, spirits, whisky… 
Kagoshima is filled with exciting things and places to explore. 
So for now, let us inspire you to welcome you back soon.

《Virtual Tour Ⅰ》
Explore the city of the Last Samurai

Learn the history of the Last Samurai era on Jinrikisha in Ooshima Tsumugi at the Kagoshima city!

10am (JST), Sunday, 6th December 2020
3pm (JST), Sunday, 6th December 2020
11am (JST), Sunday, 17th January 2021 


The attractions of the Last Samurai in Kagoshima

《Virtual Tour Ⅱ》
Discover Japanese tea from the farm to the cup

Isn’t it Kyoto or Shizuoka if you talk about Japanese tea? Don’t forget Kagoshima!

DATE; 4am (JST), Saturday, 28th November 2020

Information of Japanese tea shop in Kagoshima

《Virtual Tour Ⅲ》
Shochu Distillery tour @ Meijigura in Kagoshima

Learn beloved spirits of Shochu, nurtured by time and craftsmanship in the South of Japan

10am (JST), Sunday, 8th November 2020 / Executed
4pm (JST), Sunday, 22nd November 2020 / Executed

《Virtual Tour Ⅳ》
Learning Spirits of Kagoshima”Shochu”

Why Shochu is so special in Kagoshima? Let’s learn with Shochu specialist and Craftsman of Shochu!

DATE; 4pm (JST), Saturday, 14th November 2020  / Executed


Kagoshima Shochu Total Conquest Manual-1

Kagoshima Shochu Total Conquest Manual

There are lots of ways to enjoy Sweet Potato Shochu. Find your favorite method, as you enjoy the different fragrances and tastes of each drinking method.

View More

《Virtual Tour & Tasting Event》
Mars Tsunuki Whisky Distillery

What makes Japanese Whisky Special? Let’s visit Mars Tsunuki and find out.

DATE; 4pm (JST), Saturday, 24th October 2020 / Executed

Please check stunning movie! Authentic Japan

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